What is Sober Living?

Sober Living is a vital component to aftercare treatment. It offers community support, high structure, and accountability to help your loved one transition back into society and a sober life.

Sober living is a safe and structured home for clients that are participating in aftercare treatment at Golden Gate Recovery. Sober Living encourages personal growth and connections with others, while staying accountable to the various challenges that early sobriety can bring outside of programming hours.

We refer to trusted local partners for sober living. This way, we are able to offer 24/7 coordination of care as well as a high level of accountability.


Benefits of Sober Living

Sober living has many benefits and is one of the most effective, long-term forms of addiction treatment. In a sober living environment, cleints surround themselves with people who are recovering and share common experiences.

Sober living creates a bridge between the therapeutic setting and what happens when you return home. Its purpose is to help you maintain your sobriety in the real world and avoid relapse during the most difficult moments of recovery. Many benefits come from sober living, including high structure and accountability, community support, and the ability to practice a daily routine that works for your long-term recovery.

Living in a sober living home helps people live life without the need for alcohol or drugs. The community support and high structure and accountability of this setting allow each person to develop healthy habits, find employment or volunteer work, and pursue healthy hobbies.

What To Expect

  • PHP, IOP, and sober living in a gender-specific home with structured daily living
  • Weekly house and group meetings
  • Weekly meetings with Golden Gate Clincians
  • Medication assistance, if necessary
  • Random periodic drug testing
  • Assistance with looking for job
  • Assistance with 12-step meeting attendance
  • Holistic therapy

Additional benefits associated with sober living include a decrease in the possibility of relapse. Many people who complete an inpatient treatment program and go home right after lose their way, however when carefully transitioning out of treatment, clients can learn the importance of regularly going to meetings, talking to others about their feelings, finding ways to express anger and frustration, and engaging in good self-care. Addiction is a life-long disease that requires life-long care, which is often learned while in sober living.

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Building a Foundation for Life Long Recovery

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