Golden Gate Recovery is a grass roots organization created by men in long term recovery with a simple mission: to continue strengthening our therapeutic and peer led community toward the goal of long term recovery for each client. Every aspect of our program was developed to ensure a smooth transition out of a 30-day inpatient program into our structured living environment. We collaborate with clinical teams all over the country to ensure a warm hand off and a clinically appropriate continuum of care.

The philosophy of Golden Gate Recovery on treatment effectiveness and long term wellness is also simple: long term, 12 step based, gender specific care in a small and intimate recovery community, supported by patient centered clinical work, offers the best possible chance of foundational healing. Our program is set up so our skilled clinical team can individualize care while the community of peers push each other toward daily progress. We have a strong belief in recreational therapy and physical wellness for our clients and their recovery journey.


Located in Marin County, the recovery community is strong and tight knit. Many people have attempted recovery in other parts of California but found a new sense of family and accountability here, leaving Marin County with the reputation that it has. Golden Gate Recovery’s mission is to provide men with the accountability, structure and community necessary to produce long-standing recovery. We want our clients to improve their lives and the lives of those they surround themselves with.

We Work With Most Insurance