Experiential Therapy

At Golden Gate Recovery, we specialize in experiential therapies for individuals that are struggling with an assortment of addictions, mood disorders, trauma, anger management, grief, and loss, but specifically targeted towards those being treated for substance abuse and assisting in recognizing and understanding why certain experiences in their life are related to their behaviors, and what’s keeping them from moving forward.

Common experiential therapies that Golden Gate Recovery offers are :
  • Kayaking
  • Educational trips to Alcatraz
  • Team building
  • Working towards healthy relationships
  • Hiking

All experiential therapy is done with master level therapists to help guide the individual. This allows for a safe place for the individual to process challenging thoughts and emotions, and develop healthier coping skills. While one works on the emotional aspect through therapy, experiential therapy also aids in physical and spiritual aspects of healing. Experiences, or encounters, tap into the emotional and spiritual aspects of healing, opening the way for individuals to move from their heads to their hearts and feel their emotions fully instead of drinking or using drugs. It’s a way to sort through negative feelings, understand them and move on. Once you work through negative feelings, you’re open to more positive feelings of forgiveness, love and inner peace.